The Bed in the Water

This shoot was in the plans for few weeks before it finally happened. It took a while to find a perfect location, great model and we, of course, needed some help with transporting the bed to the water front. One Monday noon it finally happened.


With a help of my friendly neighbourhood DJ Majd (check him out at, I take pictures of him from time to time at his events) we were able to put this very heavy iron bed in the water. 

For us, it was very important to get a very magical feel to this pictures, like something out of the dream. So a beautiful model in a white dress on a bed in the middle of the water that is surrounded by trees was the way to go.


Our beautiful model Starla was game for anything. Touch the water? Done. Stand in the water done. But not we brought an iron bed to the shoot, we had different colour smoke bombs with us. For someone who does know what those are, it is a very creative tool to have for photo sessions, usually used in paintball matches, smoke bombs are sticks with pressurized smoke inside to create something out of this world. 

It was important to us for the sun to be hidden in order to make this shoot very mysterious, but of course there were times when the sun of shining bright. Those pictures have a completely different feeling to them. What do you think?

Organizers: (IG:
Concept by Polina Fedorova
Video and photography for this website ( by Varvara Kameneva
Model: Starla (IG:
Assistant: DJ Majd (IG:

Music: The Path of the Goblin King Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License