Soft Central Park in Spring

Here is for the long one. On a warm Saturday in New York city, me and Kristina decided to meet up and have a full day of portraits in Central Park, before I would go back to Montreal next morning.

Since it was a beautiful weekend day the park was filled with people - couples getting their portraits taken on their wedding day, tourists from all over the world, and regular New Yorkers enjoying one of the first warm days of the year.

We met up at the fountain next to the Plaza (dream place to have a wedding in June) and went through the entrance on the Five Avenue to the Park.

We walked deeper into the park and ended up at the Bethesda Terrace, also filled with people and Columbian protesters. Kristina decided to have a live stream with her Instagram followers and they got the look at the behind the scenes of our shoots and well got to see how people enjoy the greenery and the sun in New York City.

Not far from the Terrace and the protesters, we found a very small place with not so many people around with a beautiful pink blooming tree. There was a man playing an accordion on the other side of the tree and we decided to chill a little bit on a hill next to the tree soaking up the sun. 

The last spot we visited was on our way back to the exit from the park. Kristina decided to walk barefoot and we ended up climbing a little rock formation. It was surrounded by the trees, but the background was the New York City, filled with skyscrapers, old and new in process of being build. Such contrast was a perfect setting for the last few shots in the setting sun.

City and forests are my most loved backdrops for the portrait session. Kristina is a beautiful person and it is always a pleasure capturing her portraits. Would love to capture your beauty as well. If interested - contact me