5AM in Montreal

What happens when a professional model is expecting a baby? A very high fashion maternity session that what happens. Julia is a gorgeous model based in Montreal, but also an expecting mother and a great pianist. So, one morning we decided to combine a maternity session with fashion portraiture. And here is what happened that morning.

This is maternity/high fashion session was very special. Not only it has been cancelled twice before it actually happened due to Montreal's unpredictable weather, but because it was done at 5 AM when the city is still half asleep.

Out of 3 times, we planned this session with lovely Julia, this time I really tried to sleep before waking up so early. Melatonin pills are the best helper in these situations I woke up at 4 AM to get ready, have small breakfast and pick up coffee for everyone involved. At 5AM I picked up Julia from her apartment and we went on our little adventure to downtown Montreal.

Let me tell you something: Everyone says 5PM-6PM is the magic hour of photography. But early morning is also a time for the gorgeous light. And it lasts a little bit longer in my honest opinion. No harsh shadows on the face from the beaming hot sun yet, not many cars or pedestrians either - the city is calm and ready for gorgeous imagery that you are being part of.

Check out Julia on Instagram at www.instagram.com/juliya_ryutina