1950s Star in Modern Montreal

And I'm back. I haven't written a blog in a while since I have been pretty busy with work and sessions that I had no time to sit down and write. But I'm back. I'm currently on vacation in Russia, where I'll be also doing a few sessions. But for now, I'm going to get back to writing in order to catch up with my sessions. This session is from the end of May and it features Lena Luciez again. On our new adventures around Montreal for Lena's vlog, we ended up dressing up in an interesting style, Lena in the styles of 50s, and I was dressed in Californian 70s style. Which led up to have sessions for each other.

As you've seen already, I really like taking pictures in the greens. But since we were in the middle of downtown, walking around McGill University, the style we were going for was more of a street style session. But when I found a beautiful bush on the street, Lena, who enjoys being surrounded by the greenery as much as I like to take pictures in it, became alive and completely different.