Alexandra & Simon Maternity

Spring is finally here, which means the warm weather is here and spring photo sessions are in full swing.

Alexandra & Simon were my students in Basics of Photography course. And as a Christmas gift, Simon got Alexandra a maternity photo session. We already had a lot of laughs in class, so we all knew it is going to be super fun to do this photo shoot.


We met in the early morning in March, in Beaconsfield. Beaconsfield is the neighbourhood I grew up in, so it was a pleasure to be back. Alexandra mentioned that they bought a house in the neighbourhood and I was so happy for them. 

Our session became not only a fun outing in the park but also a very informative one. Helping out a young couple to know where to meet other new parents in town. What to expect from the holidays in the same park we were taking pictures (the fireworks for Canada Day here are absolutely fantastic). Where to pick up some Russian food (if you live in West Island and next to highway 20 - Marche Epicure in the Pointe-Claire village. If you are closer to the 40 - Marche Euro Mix in Pierrefonds).

It was an awesome way of spending a morning - with 2 love birds, expecting a little one.