Evening light

In the past winter, I've passed by Rockland in Montreal pretty often on my way home. Especially in the evening. And one of those evenings, while stuck in traffic, I noticed the light in the parking lot of the centre. It was so beautiful, that I was absolutely had to test it out with the model, to maybe bring different models with different looks there afterwards. 

And this is how I started a new chapter in my photography. I had a location to try out, I had time of the day that the shoot should take place (in the evening obviously) all I had to do is to find a perfect model to compliment the location. You could do so many things with parking garage shoots, but since it was just a test shoot, I wanted to try out a little bit of a glam grunge look.

I found my model pretty fast. Natasha was perfect for the shoot, pink hair complimented her complexion, and little black dress added the glam.

Here are the few images from this shoot, enjoy!